AUDIO: Olympic series interview with Jessica Zelinka


Day 12 of my Olympic audio interview series features a track and field athlete who competed in the heptathlon at two Olympic Games…Jessica Zelinka.

      Jessica Zelinka

The heptathlon consists of the 100-metre hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 metres, long jump, javelin throw and 800 metres.

In this interview, we chat about Jessica’s love for track and field, the training schedule for seven events, how not having the opportunity to compete at the 2004 Olympics motivated her, what her first Olympics were like in 2008 in Beijing, the adjustments she made after giving birth to her daughter in 2009, how her 2012 Olympics in London were different, the desire to try and qualify for Rio in 2016, the challenge of transitioning into retirement and how she now approaches coaching young athletes.

Click the play button above to listen to the interview.

NOTE: While we wait for local sports to return following the COVID-19 pandemic, a big part of JG Sports Media’s website content will be audio interviews, like this one. Guests will include representatives from local sports organizations as well as other notable guests, many who have ties to this area and even some who don’t.

I love the Olympics and this series will run from July 24 until Aug. 9. This is the time the Games would have been on before they got postponed until 2021.

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