AUDIO: Interview with pro wrestler, motivational speaker Cody Deaner


JG Sports Media’s latest audio interview guest is a professional wrestler and motivational speaker…Cody Deaner.

       Cody Deaner

Deaner was supposed to wrestle in Cobourg back in March for Northumberland Pro Wrestling, which has had to cancel three shows this year.

“You can’t run shows right now and it sucks because really it’s places like Cobourg and the smaller, rural Canadian towns that I get to go into are the ones that I enjoy going to the most because I came from a small, rural Canadian town so I can identify with those people and I know they really appreciate the entertainment that we’re able to bring to their town,” he said.  They’re not skeptical or critical of anything they’re watching, they’re not analyzing what we’re doing. They’re just there to have a good evening, a good night with their family and their friends and just watch some wrestling. Nothing beats that, man. That’s what I live for is being able to just do that for folks and I miss it very, very much.”

We also talked about his love of speaking to children at schools.

“My goal is to get into those schools and inspire them and motivate them and give them the confidence that even if they live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, like I did, or if they are surrounded by small expectations from people around them, that doesn’t mean that they should have small expectations for themselves.”

Click the play button above for the full interview as we also talk about about his busy schedule, being home more now with his family, his charity work and his wrestling career, including now with Impact Wrestling and on the independent scene.

NOTE: While we wait for local sports to return following the COVID-19 pandemic, a big part of JG Sports Media’s website content will be audio interviews, like this one.

Guests will include representatives from local sports organizations as well as other notable guests, many who have ties to this area and even some who don’t.

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