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The voice of JG Sports Media’s latest audio interview guest will be familiar to Hockey Night in Canada viewers as he is the lead play-by-play commentator…Jim Hughson.

Jim Hughson pictured here at the Hometown Hockey broadcast in Cobourg on Jan. 5, 2020. Photo courtesy of Pete Fisher/Today’s Northumberland

In this interview, Jim and I discuss a number of topics, including:

  • The NHL season coming to a halt: “The way everything stopped, it’s one of the craziest days I’ve ever had in my career.”
  • No fans in the arenas if play resumes: “We’ve never done games without fans (allowed) in the building. I’ve done some games in buildings where there were no fans…I remember a game in North Carolina before the Carolina Hurricanes moved to Raleigh, you’ll remember that they played in Greensboro. I remember going into there and broadcasting a game when the Vancouver Canucks visited Carolina and there were probably fewer people in that building than will be in the building during this tournament and it was weird.”
  • Living in the Cobourg area many years ago to be close to his wife’s family in Port Hope: “We thoroughly enjoyed it. When we left there it was to move back to British Columbia. If there hadn’t have been a move back to B.C. where I grew up and was from and I really wanted to return to, we’d still be there. It was fabulous. We really enjoyed our time there.”
  • Playing men’s league hockey in the area, including in Baltimore: “Everywhere I’ve been, my hockey bag has been a partner of mine wherever I’ve been. You could always get in a game…there’s always a pick-up game somewhere and that’s the way you meet people and get the workout, get the fun you want from the game, but also it’s a way to socially interact with other people.”
  • Going for a run into Cobourg, but also having running routes in all NHL cities: “I would joke with Gary Bettman that I run the NHL.”
  • His baseball broadcasting career, including first with the Montreal Expos: “The Olympic Stadium was never a wonderful place for baseball, but the team was really good and the team was really likeable.”
  • Blue Jays broadcasts in early 1990s: “For me, the ’93 team with WAMCO (White, Alomar, Molitor, Carter, Olerud), I still look back and think that is one of the most special summers of work I’ve ever had because it was so good…they were so good, they were never in a hole they couldn’t get out of.”
  • Small roles in movies MVP: Most Valuable Primate and Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch (I misspoke and called in Seventh Inning Stretch): “For awhile there I cornered the market as the announcer in animal sports movies.”
  • Recording commentary for EA Sports video games when that was new: “I would tell you it’s the most tedious work I’ve ever done in my life…rewarding in the sense that the finished product was pretty neat. It was a really neat experience to be on the ground floor of.”
  • His hockey broadcasting career, including becoming the lead play-by-play commentator for Hockey Night in Canada: “I was really excited and really proud to do it and take that seat very seriously. It’s a wonderful place to be and a great responsibility, within our industry.”

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NOTE: While we wait for local sports to return following the COVID-19 pandemic, a big part of JG Sports Media’s website content will be audio interviews, like this one.

Guests will include representatives from local sports organizations as well as other notable guests, many who have ties to this area and even some who don’t.

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